Wall Shelving & Racking

Wall Shelving

Wall Shelving

Standard shelving supplied with medium duty 25mm x 25mm Stainless Steel box section support 280mm x 280mm with plastic black bungs with double sided tape to bond the shelf.


  • Can be supplied with heavy duty Stainless Steel box section support 30mm x 30mm on Request.

  • Up to 1800mm wide shelves supplied with two brackets as standard – further brackets supplied on request.

  • Depth Standard of 300mm but can be supplied 400mm on request.

  • Width Min width of 300mm – Max width of 2900mm in one single shelf – any width available to priced bespoke size.

Microwave Shelf

Microwave Shelf

Stainless Steel microwave shelving with underslung Box section support brackets OR with vertical side panel cantilever supports.

  • Size 1 = 500mm wide  x 450mm deep - Part number JK-MWS -545

  • Size 2 = 600mm wide  x 500mm deep - Part number JK-MWS -650

Stainless Steel Stores Racking

Stainless Steel Stores Racking

Our stainless steel stores racking is manufactured from 30 x 30mm stainless box section. Each box section leg has a black plastic bung at the top. 


  • 3 or 4 Tier shelving available

  • Removable Tray inserts for easy clean

  • Depth Standard available in 300mm /400mm /500mm/600mm

  • Width Min width of 300mm – Max width of 1200mm in one single section – any total width available to priced bespoke size.

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless Steel
    1.5mm thickness - 304 grade stainless steel - 18% Chromium & 20% Nickel – Corrosion Resistent.
  • Fabrication
    240S grit stainless steel - Silicon enhanced finish.
    Fabrication subject to +/- 3mm tolerance.

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