Servery Counters & Tray Slides

Stainless Steel Servery Counters

Stainless Steel Servery Counters

  • As per standard worktops this can be either Block board mounted to sit on units or single Sheet steel thickness with supports under.

  • Can have 45 degree front corners Or Radius front edges so Children or impaired users do not clash in to and cause injury.

  • Fabrication subject to +/- 3mm manufacturing tolerance.


  • Stainless Steel
    1.5mm thickness - 304 grade stainless steel - 18% Chromium & 20% Nickel – Corrosion Resistent.
  • Fabrication
    240S grit stainless steel - Silicon enhanced finish.
    Fabrication subject to +/- 3mm tolerance.
  • Thickness
    20mm - 50mm 
    Standard thickness. 100mm - 300mm available on request.
  • Height
    910mm FFFL 
    Kitchen heights, or disabled user working heights of 750mm - 850mm FFFL.
  • Depth
    We can accommodate for depths up to 1200mm. Dependent on internal design and wall thickness.
  • Width
    Standard Max single width of 3000mm. Increased to 4000mm on request.
Tray Slides

Tray Slides

  • All brackets are manufactured from .170" (4.5mm) thickness material. All brackets are stainless steel polished to satin finish

  • Available in Fixed or Fold down brackets.

  • Load Capacity 200 lbs per 2 brackets if Fixed brackets supplied but reduced to 150Lbs if the fold down Brackets requested.

  • Available in 3 or 4 rod designs – exact sizes on request.

  • Brackets supplied at the start of the run then every 1000mm

  • Tube supplied in 25mm diameter - satin polish Finish.

  • Max continuous length of 6000mm

  • Curved Rods to suit the servery design available. Normally we ask to have templates supplied so the Rods can be manufactured off site for accurate site fitment.

Heated Servery

Heated Servery

  • Fully insulated for enhanced energy-efficiency.

  • Can be supplied with a configuration of inset Ceramic Hot plate surfaces that can be either Square or have Radius corners.

  • Can also be supplied with standard Gastronome Pot wells to site the standard Gastronome trays – see Hot cabinet section of this web site.

  • Can be supplied with Toughened Glass Sneeze guards that are PV bonded glass Square or Radius edges.

  • Can be supplied and fitted with over head quartz Lights for additional heat radiation.

  • Can be supplied and specified with a hinged or sliding door Hot cabinet under to store and house gastronome trays or simple ceramic serving dishes on shelves within.

  • Aesthetical front panels can be supplied in multiple materials to match design aesthetics to clients requirements.

  • Can be supplied with Push in button Tray Raisers to act a s a built in tray slide.

  • Can be specified with Cable Port outlet for additional appliances such as soup dispensers and cash tills.


  • Depth/Width/Height
    All fabricated to suit Client Requirements
  • Fabrication
    240S grit stainless steel - Silicon enhanced finish.
    Fabrication subject to +/- 3mm tolerance.
  • Thermostat
    Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat  – Temperature range.
    Residual Heat Light indicators provided.

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